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CycleScheme How Does it Work?

Cyclescheme is the UK’s leading provider of tax-free bikes for the Government’s Cycle to Work initiative.

Employees can purchase commuter bikes and riding gear through their employer's cycle to work programme, which allows them to stretch the cost over a year and save money through a tax credit. Employer services include secure access to a scheme management website, online Hire Agreements that reduce paperwork, professional advice, and scheme marketing tools, all of which are offered absolutely free of charge. Any size scheme may be accommodated, and we have a well-deserved reputation for providing quick and efficient service.


The employer creates a Cyclescheme account, which takes about 5 minutes. They will be able to access free promotional resources to assist them publicise their exciting new employee benefit after they have enrolled.

Go to Shop

The employee decides what they want by visiting a local bike store or browsing online, and then applies through the Cyclescheme website. If they are eligible, the employer analyses their request and pays for the equipment.

Get the Bike!

The employee receives their bicycle and begins making payments on their wage. After a year, the employer will have recovered their expenses and saved up to 13.8%. The employee's ownership alternatives will be presented to them.

CycleScheme How Does it Work?
Buy a new e-bike with Cyclescheme

Applying for the Cyclescheme is quick and easy

You simply need to get your certificate from Cyclescheme here and let them know you're ready to get your new bike once you've picked which bike and accessories you desire. To see how much you can save, use the calculator lower down the page.

Your certificate will be emailed to you once it has been approved, and you will be able to acquire your Cyclescheme package.

Choose your ebike with Cycle Scheme

Choose your e-Bike Clothing, Equipment and Accessories

Now comes the thrilling part. It's time to exchange your certificate for a Cyclescheme subscription. Purchase a new ebike on our website, redeem the certificate at checkout, and have your order delivered to your home.

When you acquire the bike, your Hire Agreement goes into effect, and you start saving money on taxes (at least 25%!). You'll deduct a fixed amount from your wage every time you're paid for the next 12 months.

This is deducted from your pre-tax earnings and reduces the amount of Income Tax and National Insurance you pay, saving you a lot of money. This is 25% for regular rate customers and 42% for higher rate payers.

What can I get with a Cyclescheme Voucher?

There is no longer a restriction to Cyclescheme! As a result, you will be able to save money on everything you require. It's up to you whether you want a bike, a bike with extras, or just accessories.

HIMO C30S High-Performance Hybrid

The bike is not only stylish, but it is also quite functional for city and rural living. You have the option of using electric help, boost assist, or pedal riding to get some exercise.

ADO D30C City High-Performance Hybrid

The ADO D30C City Electric Bike is built to perfectly match your city life, with a durable, lightweight aluminium frame, Shimano 9-speed transmission, an ultra-long range of 90km (56mi), and a super-cool set of features.

Xiaomi Electric Bike Himo C26

The Xiaomi Himo C26 is a new electric bike that is suitable for both urban and off-road use. The ebike boasts a sturdy design and a long range, allowing you to ride for up to 100 kilometres on a single charge.


When riding EMGWE ENGINE PRO, if you're tough and strong, you'll be even more so. With this robust open-air friend, you'll be able to flaunt your uniqueness and toughness to the fullest!

BEZIOR M2 Electric Bicycle Aluminum Frame 26 Inch for Women

BEZIOR M2 is a top-of-the-line city bicycle, excellent for people who need to commute from home to work and vice versa. Simultaneously, it can be used to loosen up walks towards the end of the week.

ST3IKE ADO A26 Urban Family Bike 500W

If you want to try new trails, broaden your weekly ride routes, and have a good time while doing it, the ADO A26 electric mtb is the bike for you. It offers the perfect combination of trail performance and power to give you the ride of your life.

E-Bikes available on Cyclescheme | Cycle to Work

Cycling is the ideal mode of transportation because it is healthy, inexpensive, and pleasant. It's much better with e-bikes, which provide exactly the proper amount of assistance. An e-bike is a simple and adaptable tool that can help coworkers get to work faster, ride for longer, and reach the top of local peaks faster. They deliver all of the excitement of riding while requiring less effort.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are usually relatively light, which makes them efficient, and they have narrow tyres and wheels, which aid in speed. A drop handlebar is standard on most road bikes for a more aerodynamic riding position.

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Hybrid Bikes

A road bike has dropped handlebars, little suspension, and small, slick tyres, whereas a mountain bike has the opposite characteristics. Heavier, with flat, wide handlebars and thick, robust tyres that can handle any terrain.

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Folding Bikes

Standard bicycles may be allowed on some kinds of public transportation, but they are rarely greeted warmly. It's probably not worth the risk of missing the next train because some of the busiest commuter trains barely have room for two bicycles.

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Tonnes of CO2 saved each year by people cycling to work

% cycle faster to work than driving in rush hour

Calories are burned off cycling to work 3 days a week

lbs is the amount of weight the average person loses in their first year cycling to work

How to get an e-bike on Cyclescheme

An e-bike is the answer if you need some more energy for your commute to work. There are, however, additional considerations when compared to a regular bike.

Although an e-bike has a motor, it is not a motorcycle.
An e-bike is an electrically assisted pedal cycle (EAPC), and as long as it fits specific requirements, it can be ridden everywhere a bicycle is permitted.
There is no car excise duty (sometimes known as "road tax"), no vehicle registration, and no need for a driver's licence.
Insurance for both you and the bike, as well as a helmet, are optional.
To ride one, you must be 14 years old or older - that's it.

So, what are the requirements for electric bicycles?
The maximum motor-assisted speed of the e-bike cannot exceed 25 km/h (15.5mph).
This implies that if you travel any faster, the motor will stop out, leaving you to ride solely on muscular strength.
Furthermore, the motor's maximum sustained output is limited to 250 Watts.
Most EAPC-compliant e-bikes are referred to as 'pedelecs,' because they only assist you when you pedal.

There are other throttle-type e-bikes that can be powered without pedalling, although they are more difficult to use.
New throttle models must have 'type approval' and display a plate with the type approval number, even if they fulfil the EAPC speed and power criteria.
You also won't gain any of the benefits of cycling's exercise if you don't pedal.

Getting an electric bike on Cyclescheme

Acquiring an e-bike on Cyclescheme is similar to getting a regular bicycle in most ways.
You locate local Cyclescheme Retailer, select the e-bike that best suits your needs and commute, and submit a Certificate request.

The value of your Cyclescheme Certificate cannot exceed your scheme limit, which is the most significant component.
This is determined by your workplace; to find out what your employer's limit is, use the Cyclescheme calculator (along with your employer's name/code).


Richard Holland Stevenage, England

Richard Holland

Stevenage, England

I've been putting the scheme off for years and don't really know why. It was simple to complete and a bike was delivered quickly and easily.

Madars Konsteins Bristol UK

Madars Konsteins

Bristol, United Kingdom

In 2016 did my first voucher, it was fast and no issues whatsoever. Now did my second voucher from different company, and now it’s been almost a month. Find out that this long waiting time, is not a cyclescheme fault.
Hr didn’t send my request to my manager, straight away when receive. But after spoken to him, he sorted it out in couple of hours. Now has been 4 days after that and hopefully will get it soon.
Thanks again Cyclescheme for this amazing opportunity.

Stacey Mair Aberdeen, UK

Stacey Mair

Aberdeen, UK

Very easy process from start to finish, helpful customer service in retrieving my ecertificate. eBike due to arrive in 1 week

Sean Westerby Huddersfield, UK

Sean Westerby

Huddersfield, UK

Easy to apply and fantastic savings given you don’t pay tax on the money

Russel Davies Arnold, Nottingham, UK

Russel Davies

Arnold, Nottingham, UK

This is a good scheme to make cycling affordable. You also don't have to get a bike you can use it for cloths and accessories.